Do Lithium Batteries Cost More or Less than Lead-Acid over their Lifetime?

In this video, we present the results of a simple calculation that compares the total cost of ownership of a LiFePO4 battery compared to three competing lead-acid technologies.

Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

RELiON Lithium Batteries for Your RV Adventures

Ransom and Casey (Every Road Leads to Home) have been enjoying life on the road the last few years. After lead acid batteries we're not providing the needed power and died after one year, they like many RV owners, they decided to switch to a lithium. RELiON lithium batteries provided the reliable power they needed for their travels. Take a glimpse into their adventures and why they decided to switch to a lithium RV battery.

Lithium Power On-the-Road

The Low Temperature Series Battery Explained

Our new LT battery can safely charge in below freezing temperatures! Find out why that's important and how this new technology works.

How the LT Series Works

Why Reliability Matters in Bass Fishing

Our Pro Angler, Patrick Walters, sat down with us to talk about his journey as a Pro Angler and why reliability of your equipment is so important.

Pro Angler Patrick Walters Talks About his LiFePO4 Batteries

Lithium Batteries for Bass Fishing

Bassmasters Open Pro Al Farace uses RELiON LiFePO4 batteries to power his trolling motor. In this video, we uncover the many benefits of lithium iron phosphate batteries for bass fisherman.

A Look at How LiFePO4 Helped Pro Angler Al Farace

Sailboat Tech - Lithium Batteries & Why We Chose Them (vs AGM)

The Wynns have been living off lithium battery power for the past couple years and it has completely changed their off-grid lifestyle. Watch their video explaining why they chose RELiON lithium and why they feel it's a better investment than going for lead acid batteries.

Choosing lithium over lead acid and total cost of ownership.

Why Choose LiFePO4 for Your RV?

Whether you’re living on the road or an enthusiastic weekend warrior, you want reliable power both on and off the grid. RELiON lithium batteries offer lightweight, safe and high power energy solutions for all types of recreational vehicles.

The Benefits of Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries for Your RV